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Tell us how we can improve your AOL Desktop Gold experience

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Tell us how we can improve your AOL Desktop Gold experience

Absolutely right,new GOLD *** major wind. The old AOL program was much more stab;e and user friendly; This GOLD version is not only an embarrassment, but probably ripe candidate for a class-action lawsuit. AOL should stop charging customers for an inferior product that is rife with problems not found in previous versions. AOL? ARE YOU LISTENING? EL **** !

Agree! Have had more problems with AOL since Gold than I’ve had in 20 yrs! Takes FOREVER to sign in! I have deleted and reloaded AOL and still takes probably 5-10 minutes to boot up AOL! NO EXAGGERATION! I have no problem opening other applications. only AOL and I pay monthly for this frustration. Printing problems. Gold My ***..

Why is it AOL Gold will not sign on at any RV Parks ? Have a good signal , states I’m signed on, but no.

The anti-South bias of your „research” stories is so obvious it is ridiculous. We who live in the Southern United States are tired of the old make-fun-of jokes and put downs. It’s old, it’s not relevant, and it’s not true. We hate fake news, fake accents, and fake research which is founded in old ideas, tired caricatures, and veiled insults, and we can spot them a mile away.

You have expressed my thoughts very well. Right on! Your last question is the best. I do NOT think they read this. I cant figure out how to get their attention and also DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT „HELP” IS SAYING BECAUSE OF THE ACCENT.. TRASH. THEIR HELP IS ABSOLUTE TRASH.

Yet, if I use firefox, I’m into aol anywhere in 15 seconds

I’m getting sick and tired of the consistent AOL message „OOPS, something went wrong”. There appears to be no good reason, let alone an explanation, for it to happen. Just makes you go back and start all over adding to the slowness of AOLGold. read more