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The boy should have made an effort to understand the games guidelines

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The boy should have made an effort to understand the games guidelines

Be careful about creating a new account under a different name – they eventually will do audits and if they find that an active account is related to a suspended account- you will be suspended for good!

The question “a/s/l” is not seen as appropriate for anyone underage online due to predation and safety. If you ask me, you are better off quitting the game. Also, i think you will have a very hard time proving your case to the admins.

Suspicious and innapropriate questions/statements come from a player, who they don’t know their age, sex, location – the response is to block such a person regardless, for legal and moral protection

This site should be congratulated. They apparently do a very responsible job. The kids that use those sites must live to learn by the rules – and the parents should not find excuses for them. Life goes on. There are other games.

Even if he can’t get the ban lifted he should be able to get any monies spent refunded I should think.

Hey brother try out any mac address chanfer like s-mac2.0 or t-mac or any software like that. Dont feel bad, this happens Cheers to all

Let me see… you’re a parent who is OK with your kid giving out ASL information on the ‘net. So OK with it in fact, you’re going to the ends of the earth to try and get “him” reinstated. If this is true, YOU should be banned… from parenting. There are a couple of lessons here 1)ASL is not something you give out to strangers online, in any situation…and…. 2)Your actions have consequences… suck it up and don’t do it again.

Going to an online help site for advice to help your rogue son out either paints you as a meddling parent, or a complete fool, and I don’t buy it. read more