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Being transgendered or gay ruins people’s lives

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Being transgendered or gay ruins people’s lives

Gay people are sick also

“Transgendered people need help. There is something wrong with them. They need to see a doctor. They are not normal. Don’t get into the semantics of what is mormal you know what I mean. Even their own. So do us all a favor and get fixed!”

He put many words here, but he doesn’t actually *say* anything with them. There is “something wrong” with us…okay, what exactly do you mean by that, sir? There IS something wrong with us. It’s called “lacking acceptance”. It’s called “feeling forced to hide ourselves away”. What’s wrong with us, in a nutshell, is people like you, sir. It is not a thing within us that is wrong. “Out of place” may a better term for the thing within us. “Mis-matched” is so much more descriptive and accurate. It is a dichotomy between how we feel inside and how we appear outside.

He says we should have a doctor fix us. But we often do, sir! There is a term for it: Gender Reassignment Surgery. Another term applies: Hormone Replacement. Yet another term fits: Gender Identity Therapy. There are many more terms. In effect. they all work toward helping us become the person we are meant to be–physically, mentally, emotionally, even spiritually. They help us bridge the gap between who we are inside and who we appear to be outside. They help us cope when people around us call us names, or say we are not welcome in their restaurants, or refuse to acknowledge our humanity. read more