We will help you understand the consumer even better


At the Laboratory, we cooperate with both scientists and entrepreneurs by observing consumer behavior. We specialize in the field of commerce and marketing, planning and implementation of research, data collection and analysis.

An innovative approach

We use innovative methods and advanced technology to collect and analyze data

A personalized offer

We prepare an offer tailored to your needs, expectations and possibilities

Specialized equipment

We have advanced infrastructure and modern equipment
(Eye Tracker 150Hz, GSR, Motion detector)

Methodological support

We help to plan the appropriate research procedure adapted to scientific or business needs

Experienced team

We advise on the most effective solutions

Convenient location

We are located in the center of Poznan which is often important for research academics

Are you looking for a suitable place to carry out the research?

Scientific cooperation

We are open to cooperation with other scientists and research centers and universities. We offer both laboratory rental, comprehensive research implementation, as well as joint research and publication of results.

Business cooperation

We implement commercial projects related to the analysis of consumer needs and behaviors. Regardless of the stage of your project – we are here to help. Conceptually, creatively, research and analytically.

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